Contact Your Leadership…at any level!

Northern Colorado Elected Officials: Contact Information

send-a-message-2017-_2_-copyContacting elected officials whose decisions impact your day-to-day life is a GREAT way to be advocate for the issues and policies that are important to you.  While it may be possible to keep everyone happy all of the time, information from constituents helps inform decision-making across levels of our government.  We hope you’ll use the contact information below to thoughtfully seek information, share your own ideas, and be involved in local government!

Remember, these local leaders are public servants.  As you voice your opinion, be sure to thank them for their service and the difficulties they must have in juggling competing interests from across the area they represent.

Download a PDF with contact information for Colorado federal and state elected officials (from the League of Women Voters of Colorado) or look for more detailed, local contact information, including Larimer County officials, below.

Thank you for your help in keeping this list accurate and updated.  Corrections and additions can be sent to

National Senators and Representatives

US Senator Cory Gardner

US Senator Michael Bennet

  • Northern Colorado – Eastern Plains Office: 1200 South College Ave., Suite 211, Fort Collins, CO 80524
  • 970-224-2200

US Representative Jared Polis

State Senators and Representatives

John Kefalas, State Senator (SD-14)

  • (campaign) (legislative)
  • 970-221-1135 (h)
    720-254-7598 (c)
    303-866-4841 (o)

Joann Ginal, State Representative (HD 52)

Jeni Arndt, State Representative (HD 53)

Perry Buck, State Representative (HD 49)

Vicky Marble, State Senator (SD23)

Kevin Lundberg, State Senator (SD15)

Hugh McKean, State Representative (HD 51)

Larimer County Commissioners

Lew Gaiter

Steve Johnson

Tom Donnelly

Fort Collins City Leadership

Loveland City Council

  • Loveland Mayor and City Council (click to follow the link for up-to-date info)
  • Loveland City Council: 500 East Third Street, Suite 330, Loveland, CO 80537
  • Voice Mail for All of City Council: (970) 962-2199

Poudre School District

Thompson School District


Berthoud Board of Trustees (click to follow the link for up-to-date info)


Wellington Board of Trustees (click to follow the link for up-to-date info)


Timnath Town Council (click to follow the link for up-to-date info)


Windsor Town Board (click to follow the link for up-to-date info)


Johnstown Town Council (click to follow the link for up-to-date info)

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