CO Secretary of State Applauds Voter Turnout

Colorado Ranks 4th in 2016 Voter Turnout

Coloradans have yet one more thing to be proud of and the League of Women Voters of Larimer County is proud to be a part of the success!  Check out the good news in the statement (below) released by the Secretary of State’s Office on March 16:

Colorado continues to rank among an “elite” group of states with a high voter turnout in 2016. Colorado in 2016 had the fourth highest turnout (72.1%) — behind Minnesota (74.8%), Maine (72.8%) and New Hampshire (72.5%). Wisconsin (70.5%) came in fifth.

Colorado’s status as a battleground state and citizens’ direct participation in decision making is key to its ranking, said Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams. Colorado allows citizens and governments to put measures on the ballot and citizens must approve all new taxes. Voters in 2016, for example, rejected tripling the state income tax to fund health insurance, rejected a tax hike on tobacco products and approved a medical-aid-in-dying law. In 2012, Coloradans legalized recreational marijuana.

“Being a battleground state always helps, of course, but that’s not enough,” Williams said. “Colorado’s trust in the people and our policies and practices also drive up turnout.” He also pointed out that Colorado has the highest percentage of eligible voters, and the state’s “commitment to registering voters makes this possible.”

Colorado’s 72.1% ranking crushes the national turnout of eligible voters, which was 60.2%.

“Colorado is really in an elite group of the top five states,” said George Pillsbury, senior consultant for Nonprofit VOTE and the author of “America Goes to the Polls,” a joint effort between Nonprofit VOTE and the U.S. Elections Project. The report is available at

League Urges Participation in Local Election

girl-586988_640.jpgGiven this pat on the back, the League of Women Voters of Larimer County hopes that you will join us in enthusiastically “turning out” for our upcoming local elections.  Ballots should have arrived in mailboxes for elections in Loveland and Fort Collins.  Loveland residents living in Ward III will elect a new representative to City Council while Fort Collins residents will select a new mayor as well as City Council members for Districts 1,3, and 5.

Get informed about the candidates and vote!  Ballots are due for the Loveland election on April 11 and for the Fort COllins election on April 4.

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