Great Decisions to Discuss Politics in Latin America

barrio-546244_1280The pendulum of Latin American politics is swinging rightward once again. Yet as the “pink tide” recedes, the forces of change have more to do with socioeconomics than ideology. Dramatic economic and political crises have coincided in countries like Brazil and Venezuela. Still, the final result for Latin America may be the emergence of centrist, pragmatic modes of governance, and with them, opportunities for the U.S. to improve relations. The new administration must look beyond the neoliberal model of the 1990s, and develop an approach to relations fit for the 21st century.

While Venezuela has been in the news as of late, various countries in Latin America have endures sizable political swings over the last few decades and others are on the cusp.

Join us for a thoughtful discussion of this interesting history and the ways that Latin America’s past continues to impact its future.  Monday, June 5 from 11:30 to 1:30 (brown-bag lunch) at the Plymouth Congregational Church (916 W Prospect Rd, Fort Collins).  Guests are welcome

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