League Opposes Kobach Request for Voter Records

balloon-14305_640States’ varied responses to Election Integrity Commission-Kris Kobach’s requests for voter records have been in the news as of late.  Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams has stated that he will  release publicly available information. Read more on Williams’ response HERE.  Other Secretaries of State have stated that they will not comply with the release of information.  The New York Times has complied a sate by sate list of the varied Secretaries of State’s responses.

League of Women Voters’ Response

The request for voter records confirms fears of Kris Kobach continuing his tactics of voter suppression and the genesis of the Elections Integrity Commission in general. The League of Women Voters president, Chris Carson released this statement on the issue:

There is no justification for this giant fishing expedition. The Commission itself is a distraction from the real issue of voter suppression, and that efforts to ‘investigate voter fraud’ threaten our most fundamental voting rights.

This most recent move by Mr. Kobach is an indicator that the so-called Election ‘Integrity’ Commission is not interested in facts, but false accusations and dangerous policy recommendations.

State laws govern the release of voter registration information, and, at a minimum, election officials must follow those laws before releasing data. The League stands with those state leaders who have already come out to support their voters and refuse these requests from Mr. Kobach and the EIC.

Secretary of State Williams has sent all information he could without breaking Colorado laws.  Incoming League of Women Voters of Colorado President Nancy Crow has written an email message to Williams to expresses the League’s concerns about the dangers of such data collection and has asked local League presidents to do the same.  Nancy says,

I have read too much history not to see this as a grave danger to our democracy and the League is obliged to speak out.

To voice your concern, you can fill out a form with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office at https://www.sos.state.co.us/ccorner/SuggestionsForm.do and by emailing elections@sos.state.co.us

One thought on “League Opposes Kobach Request for Voter Records

  1. Good news from the Secretary of State’s Office!

    “Presidential commission asks states to postpone sending voter data

    DENVER, July 10, 2017 — Today Secretary of State Wayne Williams and other election officials across the nation received the following email from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity:

    Dear Election Official,

    As you may know, the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint seeking a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”) in connection with the June 28, 2017 letter sent by Vice Chair Kris Kobach requesting publicly-available voter data. See Electronic Privacy Information Center v. Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Until the Judge rules on the TRO, we request that you hold on submitting any data. We will follow up with you with further instructions once the Judge issues her ruling.

    In light of this new request, Secretary Williams will await further communication before releasing any data.”


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