LWVLC Announces Admin 2017-2018 Team

The Administrative Team members for 2017-18 Include:

Spokesperson Sarah Pitts
Facilitator Sandy Brooks
Secretary/Archivist Carole Carnahan
Treasurer/Financial Officer Sheri Stevens
Financial Development Coordinator Nancy Tellez
Leadership Development Chair Ruth Long
Public Relations Coordinator Jane Everham
Calendar/Meeting Coordinator Susan Mathre
Events Planning Coordinator Anne Hall

New Teams/Groups:

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Group will hold regular meetings with current and ad hoc team leaders to promote working cooperatively and collaboratively; suggest new ways of operating, including broadening scope of teams; create new leadership opportunities; mentoring, cross training; enhance mentoring programs; and MLD point of contact.  Ruth Long is chair.

EVENTS PLANNING Group will be in charge of setting up regular, informal, small (neighborhood) group get-togethers for LWVLC members to share information about LWVLC activities, discuss topics of mutual interest; plan the LWVLC December Party;  and work with Financial Development Team on the Soiree fund raiser and other events as they arise. Anne Hall is chair.

Ad hoc Computer Systems advisory committee to investigate need for and viable options,  assess and present proposals regarding streamlining  and making more efficient all LWVLC operating and recordkeeping functions on a user-friendly system that has robust tech support and wide-based training for members. Sandy Brooks is chair.

Immigration issues group (chair, Anne Hall). Goal  is to recruit members to this group for topical study and presentations with the goal of becoming a permanent team.

Education issues group (chair is to be determined).  Education is a topic important to many of our members.  Please contact me or anyone else on the Admin Team to express your interest in resurrecting this area if study and, especially, action.

Our focus continues to be Making Democracy Work For All.

Pretty remarkable, isn’t it, to be part of an organization that truly works together to move toward our goal!


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