2017 Election Information

Featured Image -- 3920Although “off year” elections don’t usually get a ton of attention, this year’s election deserves your participation!  City and county-wide issues will be voted on as well as candidates for city council and mayor (Loveland), and school board directors (Poudre and Thompson School Districts).  Learn more about what you’ll see on your ballot using the resources below!

 Ballot Issues

What’s on the ballot?

Larimer County:

  • A ballot question from the Larimer County Commissioners to remove term limits for the elected positions of sheriff, clerk and recorder, assessor, surveyor, and treasurer.
  • Commissioners’ request voter consent to continue for another 20 years the current 0.15% sales and use tax for The Ranch to pay for operations and improvements.

Fort Collins:

  • Should the city be allowed, but not required, to amend the City Charter to offer telecommunication/broadband services as a City utility?
  • Should the City Council be able to adopt amendments to the City Code regarding medical marijuana businesses so as to conform to state medical marijuana regulations without first going to voters?.


  • Voting limited to residents, landowners, or lessees (Qualified Electors) within the Downtown Development Authority boundaries. The City asks Qualified Electors to approve up to $61 million in DDA bonds to finance costs of downtown development and redevelopment projects.

How can I learn more?

Plan to attend one of three League sponsored Ballot Issues Presentations:

  • LOVELAND —October 23  6:00 p.m.7:30 p.m.  Namaqua UUC (745 E. 5th, Loveland)
    • October 12  3:00 p.m.  4:30 p.m.  Harmony Library (4616 S. Shields, F.C.)
    • October 30  6:00 p.m.  7:30 p.m.  Old Town Library (201 Peterson, F.C.)

Presenters will provide the pros and cons of each issue, with plenty of time for Q & A after the presentation.  All presentations are open to the public, so please tell your family, friends, neighbors, and associates.

Candidates for Local Office

To learn more about the candidates for city council, mayor, and school board, visit Vote411.org.  You can also watch the results of the candidate forums from Fort Collins and Loveland.  Simply click on the red text to view those taped forums.

Get out the Vote

Help boost participation in this year’s election by encouraging others to vote!  Use your own connections, social media, and any other platforms you have to advocate participation through your own network of friends and family.

We also invite you to download and print the flyer HERE and hang in in places you frequent as well.  Look for community bulletin boards in supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, places of worship, and more!  Thanks in advance for your help in Making Democracy Work!



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