Can’t Vote vs. Won’t Vote

Larimer County – The Larimer County League of Women Voters will present, Anne Anderson, a speaker from the League of Women Voters of Washington DC on Friday, November 3 5:00 pm-6:30 pm at Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House, 316 Willow Street in Fort Collins.

The focus will be on getting out the vote and why being able to vote is so important, with our speaker weighing on how it feels to not have any vote in national elections–and what happens when there is no voting representation in Congress.    Anne will share FAQs about DC and statehood and a map of what the new state and the federal district would look like. Currently, 4.4 million US citizens – DC residents and the citizens in four US Territories, including Puerto Rico, are not allowed to vote in national elections. Voter turn-out in Larimer County is historically poor for these off-year elections.  Come learn more about this issue, what we all may be able to do to support change, and how we can encourage citizens to exercise their right and responsibility by voting in every election.

Our speaker, Anne Anderson, is a member of the LWVDC Board of Trustees and Chair of the LWVDC Committee for Full Rights for DC Citizens. She is a clinical social worker in private practice with the Washington Therapy Guild, served as Coordinator of Psychologists for Social Responsibility from 1984-2006, and on the International Technical Assistance Group for Christian Children’s Fund in the late 1990’s.  She has lived in DC since 1964 and has been a supporter of statehood for the people of DC since 1971.

This event is free and open to the public.

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