Can’t Vote vs Won’t Vote Update

Our Larimer League recently had a speaker from LWV-Washington D.C. who gave us an informative talk with power point on what it is like to live without the vote. Here is a synopsis of her talk.

“Fix the Hole in Our Democracy”

By Anne Anderson, Chair, LWVDC Committee for Full Rights for DC Citizens

Did you know that DC citizens pay more taxes per capita than anyone in the 50 states, but have no vote in Congress to help decide what to do with that money? Furthermore, Congress has full control over DC legislation and budget, even though about 75% of DC’s budget is raised through local taxes. Members of Congress often impose policies on DC, regardless of the expressed will of DC citizens. That’s why the DC League has a grant through LWVUS to send speakers out to sister Leagues to explain how statehood for the residential and commercial sections of the District would make DC citizens equal to citizens of the 50 states.

The federal district would still be there, just reduced to the monumental core, which keeps this change constitutional.  The State of Washington, DC Admission Act now has 140 co-sponsors in the House (three from Colorado -DeGette, Perlmutter, and Polis) and 19 in the Senate ( neither Colorado Senator), the most ever.

LWVDC has developed a DC Statehood Toolkit, with power points, ice breaker quizzes, and background papers that give more information on issues raised in the power points. You can access the DC Statehood Toolkit at To get more information, please write to with Statehood as the Subject.


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