Universal Health Coverage Day Rally

The arrival of cooler weather also means the arrival of cold and flu season.  As you gear up to stay healthy and recover from any illnesses this year, consider the plight of many whose access to affordable is tenuous at best.  With this vulnerability, and its impact on our entire community’s ability to thrive in mind, we hope you’ll join us to celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day!

Universal Health Coverage Day Rally

Join us on Tuesday, December 12, at noon at Oak St. Plaza.  This is a celebration of the UN declaration in 2012 that everyone worldwide should have health care as a right.  We will promote Improved Medicare for All!

Co-sponsors for the Fort Collins event are the include the following:

Rallies will occur in Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Denver, & Durango.

For further information, check out:  universalhealthcoverageday.org

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