Voter Services Team Update:

Voter Service Plans 2018

You are welcome to attend the next Voter Service Team meeting.  Please contact Sally Broste for details at

In January we set goals, planning for activities in 2018.  Come, help with this plan plan and participate in challenges of registering citizens who often do not vote and encouraging them to get out to vote this new year.  New team members add their background to the depth of our work and make us better.  We look forward to meeting and working with you.

LWV VR Received Get Out The Vote Grant

On December 18, 2017, Maggie Bush, programs and outreach director LWVUS wrote Linda Thomas

 “Thank you again for your proposal to register young people as voters in 2018. I have great news! LWVEF (Education Fund) is pleased to offer the Larimer Co League a pass-through grant of $1000 to support your work.”

The grant is for improving voter registration and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) of our young people in Poudre School District and Thompson School District, as well as improving visibility for LWV in the community.  The grant covers updating and printing publications, a new banner used at voter registration events, banner pens, follow-up post card and postage, email and media services, as well as expanding our outreach to schools and institutions we have not gone to previously.

One of the requirements is a follow-up to GOTV.  Challenges for determining effectiveness of our efforts are choosing kinds of information we may collect, how long the information is kept, and the best way to contact the youth when they are eligible to vote (post cards, email, text).

In Colorado, young people ages 16 and 17 can register, but cannot to vote until their 18th birthday.  Typically, 1/2 or more of our registrations are those not yet able to vote.  For all those students under 18, we will have to get a permission slip from the parents to gather this personal information.   We are not allowed to copy the registration forms in Colorado.  Maggie Bush wrote

 “Our goal is to gather contact information so that we can productively follow up with as many students as possible, but sometimes the logistics of doing are complicated.”

Tour of County Jail

Fourteen League members attended.  Corporal Brown, Tim Hammond, and Lt. Staci Shaffer spoke and answered questions for about 45 minutes.  We then toured the building.

The jail is meant to hold 450 inmates safely.  That day there were 577 inmates, 191 of the 577 from outside the county.  The average stay is 18-21 days; two years is the maximum.  About 10% stay 6 months or longer.  Currently 55-60 are there more than 6 months.  The population is about 20% female.  40% of the inmates have behavioral health issues; the jail works closely with Summit Stone for those with mental health issues.  The average age is 35.  About 21% cannot make bond and must wait till their trial.  About 81% of the inmates are there for felony related charges.  Once sentenced, they are moved to a prison facility.  Half-way house makes people aware of their voting rights –  possibly voter registration drives at the jail. instead of jail for some offenders.

Lt. Shaffer is compiling an inmate handbook to let the people know what to expect in jail.  She was interested in including information about voting rights for those in jail.
Linda Thomas followed up the next day with information about voting rights, eligibility, and how to register and vote from the jails.  Rather than leaving Can I Vote cards out (problems with fires/turning into weapons), Lt. Shaffer will consider posting this information electronically for the inmates in addition to including in the handbook.  A future meeting will be set-up to explore other ways the League can help

League persons were encouraged to participate in The Citizen’s Academy, a 14-week class offered in the spring and fall each year for $30 to learn about the role of the police department (including a police-ride-a-long) and other services in Larimer county. Contact Barbara Bennett if interested.


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  1. Thanks Carrie for the great post!

    Hope Wyoming is treating you well and you and your family of 3 are enjoying it.


    On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 8:41 AM, League of Women Voters of Larimer County wrote:

    > Carrie Bennett posted: “Voter Service Plans 2018 You are welcome to attend > the next Voter Service Team meeting. Please contact Sally Broste for > details at In January we set goals, > planning for activities in 2018. Come, help with this plan p” >


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