Spokesperson’s Corner

Our life in the League, joining together to make democracy work for all, continues at a fast pace.  Our Colorado State Legislature is in session. New and abandoned administrative regulations are in play at local, state and federal levels. We have been parsing the State of City, State of the State and State of the Union reports to discern governmental priorities and goals.

At LWV-Colorado Legislative Day conference in Denver on January 29, LWVCO’s new Legislative Action Committee (LAC) chair, Jeannette Hillery, reported that, instead of its past practice of trying to cover a wide range of bills, LAC will limit its focus to bills that are considered key to LWVCO.  This means that the responsibility is on our LWVLC teams and members to monitor legislative and administrative actions that are of interest and to share their pertinent information with LAC and LWVLC’s Administrative Team and Public Relations Team to inform other League members on issues and requests for personal advocacy or LWVLC advocacy.

During State Legislative season, it is important for each of us to keep in touch with our legislators on issues that matter to us personally. Our voices truly matters, so speak up for yourself and your views. A good place to get in the know and to exercise your voice is at our legislators’ local public meetings.FYI, Action Alert emails from national or state LWV are intended to encourage members to personally take action. Legislators have told us that the number of comments they receive for or against an issue catches their attention – more so than one comment purporting to speak for a group of voters.

A recent article by our Voter Services chair, Sally Broste, provides needed information for registered, affiliated voters to participate in the Tuesday, March 6th caucuses. The article is getting press coverage by not just the Fort Collins and Loveland newspapers, but also The Collegian at CSU. In another couple of months, Voter Services will be educating voters on the new law that allows voters not registered with any political party (Unaffiliated voters) to vote in the Republican or Democratic primary elections in June, giving unaffiliated voters a greater voice in candidate selection. As part of this law change, LWVLC Voter Services will sponsor primary candidate forums prior to the June primary election.

The Admin Team is working on increased opportunities for members to come together on a monthly basis to discuss issues of particular interest to members. More on that soon. Your input and comments are vital to our LWVLC work. Please don’t be shy about speaking up!


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