Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism

Author Bio

NYT Review

International Policy Digest Review

Discussion Questions:

    1.  Radical is a memoir, a coming of age story, a political treatise and a religious treatise. Which theme resonated the most for you and why?
    2. Jihadist recruit from disaffected youth. What lesson does it present for our own disaffected youth?
    3. Maajid had his conversion while in prison surrounded by deep thinkers and knowledgeable men. What lesson is this for our own prison system?
    4. The author makes a distinction between Islamism and Islam.  What do you understand to be the differences between the two?  What is your reaction to this?
    5. Should Muslim groups have to speak out after every terrorist attack involving a Muslim?  Should other groups also speak out against terrorism – anti-abortion, Alt-Right, white men?
    6. How can we apply the lessons of this book to our own northern Colorado communities?

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