Spokesperson’s Corner

The Colorado State LWV Board’s statewide member survey should be in your email inbox. Please take five minutes to fill it out. Results will guide the LWVCO Board, LWVLC and all other Colorado LWVs in developing Strategic Plans. Your input is key to keeping LWV relevant, vibrant, and effective.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Our LWVLC Annual Meeting is Monday, April 30th, 6 pm at Pathways. Your presence is important because we will be:

  • Voting on the budget for the LWVLC fiscal year budget, July 1, 2918- June 30, 2019;
  • Voting on changes to ByLaws
  • Electing members to the Administrative Team.

Please contact Nominating Team chair, Loretta Hogg to explore serving on the Admin Team.

The LWVCO State Council meeting will be held in Denver on FridaySaturday, June 1-2 This is a smaller meeting than the every-other year State Convention and an excellent way to learn more about LWV and, especially, to get acquainted with LWV members from around the state. Please contact me if you are interested in attending.

The biennial National LWV Convention will be at the Chicago Hilton Hotel on lower Michigan Avenue, Chicago, on Thursday – Sunday, June 28 – July 1.  We anticipate that LWVLC will send 5 voting members. LWVLC pays air fare, registration fees, ground transportation and hotel (based on double occupancy) for voting members. Delegates are responsible for most of their meals. The National Convention is nonstop information gathering; exhilarating; fun; thought provoking; an opportunity to listen to and ask questions of an outstanding array of excellent, high-level national speakers; and networking with Leaguers from around the US. You’ll be energized to share your knowledge when you get home. Also, the Convention plenary sessions function like any legislative body, so this is a taste of the process, the lobbying and advocacy, the voting on (LWV) ballot issues.

Please contact Sarah if you are interested in attending the Convention.

Club Express Member Management System

Remember the exciting presentation on the Club Express comprehensive membership/management system that Sandy Brooks made to us at Program Planning meeting in January? The Admin Team unanimously approved LWVLC signing up with Club Express.  We look forward to much better consolidated and integrated operations. Conversion to this new system will take through the summer and we anticipate that by the time of our Back To League meeting, the system will be live. There will be multiple training sessions in the fall.

Happy March to you all!   Sarah

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