How Can I Affect My Water District?

Jane Hamburger wrote:

Did you know there are seven (7) water districts in the Northern Colorado Front Range?  They are:

  1. West Fort Collins
  2.  East Larimer County
  3.  Sunset Water District
  4. City of Fort Collins Utilities Water
  5. Fort Collins Loveland Water District
  6. Spring Canyon Water District
  7. North Weld County Water District.

Each district has its own local political subdivisions of the state; each has its own Board; and each has its own little-advertised elections. See the information below for contact information about each of the districts, some maps and boundaries, and descriptions.


Members of the Environmental Action Team of the League of Women Voters of Larimer County inquired about the election procedures of the districts. We discovered that voter numbers for the elections tend to be low, sometimes having to cancel the election due to there not being more candidates than offices to be filled for election. Notice of a district election is typically published in one newspaper of general circulation 75-100 days before the Call for Nominations. It includes specifics of the number of available seats, for which terms, where to obtain and the deadline for submitting a self-nomination form/letter and how to obtain an absentee ballot.

The independent ballot elections are run by a Designated Election Official (DEO) and eligible voters must be property owners in the water district. All interested eligible voters may send their ballots by mail or do so at a designated polling place. As these elections are not highly advertised, it appears that only interested voters participate.

Are you interested? Let us hear from you.  Contact the Environmental Action Team at

Blog by Jane Hamburger,  Environmental Action Team and PR Team member.

Northern Front Range Water Districts

West Fort Collins Water District

  • Address: 2711 Overland Trail, Laporte, CO 80535
  • Boundary and Facilities:
  • Phone: 970-484-4811
  • Web Site: Not created
  • Facebook: West Fort Collins Water District (but it has no information).
  • Board of Governors:
  • Election:
  • Doug Bigge, Manager

East Larimer County Water District (ELCO)

  • Address:237 South Link Lane, Fort Collins, CO 80522
  • Phone: 970-493-2044
  • Web Site:
  • Description: East Larimer County (ELCO) Water District provides drinking water to homes and businesses located north and east of Fort Collins, Colorado. The District was created by court decree on January 15, 1962 after voters in Larimer and Weld Counties approved formation of the District. Water quality and supply problems for rural residents were solved when ELCO installed water lines throughout the 53 square miles included within the District.
  • Board of Directors: Members
    • Loren R. Maxey, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the District (2000-Present)
    • Vernon R. Sunset, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice-President of the District (1986-Present)
    • Scott T. Baker, Treasurer – Board of Directors (2000-Present)
    • Rodney Rice, Board of Directors (2010-Present)
    • James Clay, Board of Directors (2013-Present)
  • Election and Board Meetings: ELCO Board meetings are currently held once per month on the third Tuesday at 5:30 pm at the ELCO office located at 232 South Link Lane in Fort Collins, CO/

Sunset Water District

  • Address:
  • Phone: 970-484-9764
  • Web Site:
  • Description: Our water is treated at the Soldier Canyon water treatment facility managed by the East Larimer County Water District (ELCO) which also serves many rural areas of Larimer and Weld county. More information about ELCO can be found at
  • Board Members: Current serving board members are:
    • Greg Fencl, President
    • Dani Flores, Vice President
    • Maryann Snyder, Secretary
    • Nancy Morehouse, Treasurer
    • Bill Connelly, Water Quality
  • Election: We are always looking for people who are willing to serve on the Sunset Water Board. If you are interested in serving, please email us using our contact form.

City of Fort Collins Utilities Water

Fort Collins Loveland Water District

  • Address: 5150 Snead Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525
  • Phone: 970-226-3104
  • Web Site:
  • Board of Directors:
    • James Borland
    • William Deterich
    • George Holter
    • Dale Leach
    • Jim Peterson
  • Election: The next election for Board of Directors is May 8, 2018. You may apply for an
  • absentee ballot at any time. Application link is on their website.
  • Description: The Fort Collins-Loveland Water and the South Fort Collins Sanitation Districts have  provided water and waste water services to businesses and citizens since 1961.  The District serves an area that encompasses approximately 60 square miles with boundaries that range from south of Harmony Rd. to 57th Street in Loveland,  then east from the foothills to the Larimer-Weld County line. The 16,000 plus customers of the Districts reside in parts of Fort Collins, Loveland, Timnath, Windsor and Larimer County.
  • The Districts are governed by separately elected Boards of Directors while a staff of 38 professionals  provide customer service, maintain facilities, respond to customer requests, repair water main breaks, and clean sewer line back-ups in addition to delivering the drinking water from Horsetooth Reservoir and wastewater which is discharged into Fossil Creek Reservoir.
  • Service Area Maps *

2017 FCLWD Boundary Map

2017 SFCSD Boundary Map

Spring Canyon Water District

  • Address: 4908 Shoreline Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80526
  • Phone: 970-226-5606
  • Web Site:
  • Board of Governors:
  • Election: A directly elected five-member Board governs the District.  Any registered voter who resides within or owns taxable property within the District can serve on the Board and vote in the election for Board members.
  • Board members serve staggered four year terms and meet the third Wednesday of every month, except in December the Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month.   Board meetings are open and accessible to the public.
  • Description: Spring Canyon Water and Sanitation District is a political subdivision of the State of Colorado.  It is governed and operated in accordance with the Colorado Special Districts Act.  Special Districts are quasi-municipal corporations tht provide services normally delivered by county or municipal governments.

North Weld County Water District

  • Address: (Physical Office) 32825 CR 39, Lucerne, CO 80646 (Mailing Address) PO Box 56, Lucerne, CO 80646
  • Phone:356.3020
  • Web Site:
  • Current Board Members (Dec. 2017)
    • Gene Stille, President
    • Gary Simpson, Vice President
    • Robert Arnbrecht, Secretary
    • Todd Bean, Treasurer
    • Scott Cockroft, Second Vice President
  • Election: May 8, 2018
  • Description: North Weld County Water District utilizes the Soldier Canyon Filter Plant at the base of the Soldier Canyon Dam at Horsetooth Reservoir for the treatment of our water. The District shares the plant with East Larimer County Water District (ELCO) and Fort  Collins-Loveland Water District. The three Districts are commonly referred to as the Tri-Districts.
  • Transparency Notice is available on the website.

BLOG by Jane Hamburger

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