Men can join the League of Women Voters, too. Right?

Right! This was a question a man asked me at a recent League of Women Voters forum. Men (and young adults) are welcome! There are already many male members who contribute to making democracy work. Our chapter is for Larimer County and members are from several towns in Larimer County.

Why not Change the name? We have. We are the Larimer County League of Women Voters – Not for Women Only. But we won’t give up League of Women Voters because it relates back to our legacy of winning the right to vote in 1920. Suffragettes then decided not to “go home to their kitchens” but to educate other women on matters important to governing and voting. Men helped us get the vote, and they help us now in our efforts to preserve and enhance our democracy. Also, if we were to give up our name, which has a century of highly respected reputation, we would lose the right to that name and any other group could adopt that name AND with it our reputation.

To find out how to join and details about the league, go to our website:  Hope to see you at some of our many events!



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