Study Issues

As a part of its mission, our League continues to study issues of importance on a local, state, and national level.

Current LWV Issues

  • Protecting Voter Rights
  • Educating and Engaging Voters
  • Reforming Money in Politics
  • Defending the Environment

Please select from one of the following issue teams to read the latest on their work and to get involved.

Past Studies

2014-15 – Behavioral Health Study

On this issue, the League of Women voters of Colorado worked to decide whether to update the LWVCO Health Care Position to include Behavioral Health. Colorado LWV members approved update to Health Care Position to include Behavioral Health (Fall 2015). The position was adopted by LWVUS members (June 2016).  Study materials available online with LWVCO.

2014-2015: Amending the Constitution Study

This was a broad scope national study of the processes for amending the US Constitution and determination of what criteria and their relative priority that the League of Women Voters should use when considering whether to take any advocacy action on a proposed amendment to the US Constitution. Study materials available online from LWVUS.

2014 – 2016: Campaign Finance

This was a national League of Women Voters study to decide whether and how to update the existing LWV position on campaign finance with respect to: (1) The rights of individuals and organizations, under the First Amendment, to express their political views through independent expenditures and the finance of election campaign activities: and (2) How those rights, if any, should be protected and reconciled with the interests set out in the current position.  Study materials available online from LWVUS.  :

2013-2014 : Agricultural Industry

This was a League of Women Voters of the United States  Agricultural Update Study to identify changes in the agriculture industry in the decades since the existing LWV Agriculture position was adopted. This study also examined  whether and how to update the LWV agriculture position. Study materials available online through LWVCO.

2011-2013: Hydraulic Fracturing Study

This Hydraulic Fracturing Study was initiated by members at LWV national convention to gather up-to-date information and determine whether and how the League’s existing positions on oil and gas should be updated. After study and discussion, LWV Colorado members updated the position statements on oil and gas. Study materials available online through LWVCO.



2010 – 2012    National LWV Education Study

This effort examined  the role of the federal government in public education, Common Core standards and assessments, and equity and funding. As a result of the study, LWV members updated the Education position statement. Study materials available online through LWVCO.


2010 -2012: National LWV Privatization Study

This study worked to identify those parameters and policy issues to be considered in connection with proposals to transfer federal, state or local government services, assets and/or functions to the private sector.  Focus was on the stated goals and the community impact of such transfers, and to identify strategies to ensure transparency, accountability, and preservation of the common good. Study materials available online through LWVCO.