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“Democracy is not a spectator sport!” 

Join the League of Women Voters of Larimer County and start a difference in your community! League membership is open to all women and men over the age of 16.  Joining the League offers many opportunities to meet and work with dedicated, passionate people on issues close to your heart and promote civic engagement for all citizens.

Questions about membership can be emailed to


New and prospective members are invited to attend one of the new member orientations held throughout the year to meet some of our current members, learn more about the League, and find out how to get involved. Anyone interested in joining the League is also encouraged to attend our general meetings; see the calendar.

Membership Dues:

The “League Year” begins August 15. Dues adjustments are made mid-year.

Full Year- (enrolling August 14-January 31)

  • Student-(full time high school/college) $35
  • Individual-$70
  • Household (2+ members)- $105

Half Year- (enrolling February 1-August 14)

  • Student (full time high school/college)-$17.50
  • Individual- $35
  • Household (2+ members)- $52.50

Dues include membership in the local, state and national organizations of the League of Women Voters. Scholarships are available; please email our membership chair at for details.

How to Join:

New and prospective members sign up by completing our easy two-step online* member enrollment process. You will need to:

  1. Complete the member enrollment form.
  2. Use the PayPal buttons below to pay your membership dues.

After you complete the member enrollment form (click the red text to go to the form) please select from one of the options below to complete your payment.

Full Year Membership- (enrolling August 15-January 31)

Household Full Year Paypal   Individaul Full Year Paypal   Student Full Year

Half Year Membership- (enrolling February 1-August 14)

Household Half Year Paypal   Individual Half Year Paypal   Student Half Year Paypal

Membership dues can also be paid via check.  Please mail your payment to LWV of Larimer County, 305 W. Magnolia St. #106, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

*If you prefer to renew your membership by mail (instead of online), you can download the membership survey, print and mail it with a check for payment. Mailing instructions are included on the form.

Help Support Our Work

For more ways to get involved, check out information about our teams and learn more about supporting the League and its work.  Please note, donations to the Education Fund are tax deductible. Donations to our General Account are not tax deductible. You may donate online using PayPal or mail to:  LWV of Larimer County, 305 W. Magnolia St. #106, Fort Collins, CO. Donate Paypal Button

Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to anyone 16 years or older.