Community Outreach Teams

Our Community Outreach Teams are the outward facing branches of the organization.  They focus on engaging with, educating, and activating our community members around local, state, and national issues. Information about each of these teams and contact information for current team leaders follows here.

CrossCurrents (Cable TV Program)   |   Contact: Janet Gilligan (

For over twenty years CrossCurrents has fulfilled its mission “to provide a public forum for a balanced and fair discussion of controversial issues facing the community.” CrossCurrents brings together panelists with differing points of view on a specified topic of importance to he community, county, region, state or country. CrossCurrents programs are developed and moderated by Team members and produced in cooperation with the City of Fort Collins. The Team presents between six and eight televised programs a year. Videos of CrossCurrents programs are archived online on our website and on YouTube.

Voter Services   |   Contact: Barbara Hansen ( )

The Voter Service Team is the most visible face of LWVLC to the public. Its work is the bedrock of the League with its voter registration activities, voter education and campaigns to get out the vote. Some of the team’s activities include: candidate and ballot issue forums; identify issues of local importance and sending pertinent questions to political candidates for their responses for inclusion on the Leagues’ VOTE411 website; research, write and distribute unbiased pro-con ballot issue pamphlets for local voters; distribute state League ballot issue pamphlets; train members in moderating candidate and ballot issue forums; interact cooperatively with local clerk’s offices; and encourages citizen participation in government.

Observer Corps   |   Contact: Sarah Pitts (

Observer Corps Team members volunteer to observe and report back to the Administrative Team and members on the meetings of various boards and commissions of Larimer County, the cities of Ft. Collins, Loveland and Berthoud, and Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. Observers learn how these various boards and commissions operate and identify issues that are of particular interest to LWVLC study and action.

Public Relations   |   Contact: Jane Everham (

The Public Relations Team provides both internal and external communications about activities of LWVLC. These include the monthly newsletter, League Lines, and Mid-Month Updates. The team routes press releases to local media, the LWVLC website and Facebook pages, and to social media outlets. It assists members in drafting effective personal letters to the editor and to legislators. It also created the Informed Voter Book Club (held at Old Firehouse Bookstore in Ft. Collins) to stimulate study and discussion of current interest to voters.