Issue Teams

Careful study of issues has been a core practice for the League of Women voters for generations.  The issue teams listed here meet on an ongoing basis to explore their issues of focus.  If, after careful study, the local league (as a whole) reaches consensus around a particular issue, the league will take a “position” on that issues.  At this point, issue teams can work to educate and advocate in the community about the issue and the league’s position on that issue.  As you might expect, these teams evolve over time to study (and potentially advocate around) new issues.

The current issue teams and their respective team leads are listed here.  Please contact the team lead for more information or to get involved.

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Affordable Housing   |   Contact:  Marilyn Heller (

The Affordable Housing Team’s goal is to educate and advocate for public and private solutions to the affordable housing problems in Larimer County. Team members are active in monitoring the supply and need for affordable housing, presenting public education forums, staying in touch with community leaders and the public about changing affordable housing conditions in Larimer County.

Civil Liberties  |  Contact: Linda Grey-Wilson (

The Civil Liberties Team monitors government activities at the local, state and national levels for possible erosion of individual liberties as granted by the national and state Constitutions.  The team strives to educate members and the public about issues that it has identified and encourages action based on League positions.  The team has organized forums on transparency and why it is essential to a democracy; immigration; deportation and the impact on families; and xenophobia.

Election Reform- Making Democracy Work   |   Contact: Kathleen Schmidt ( )

In 2018, LWVLC established a new issues based team called Election Reform – Making Democracy Work.  In a comprehensive approach, the League’s advocacy work will be greatly enhanced when all three core issues work together toward the one common goal of making democracy work for all. This team focuses on three core areas:

  1. Election Reform
  2. Money in Politics
  3. Policy work focused on the Anti-Corruption Act, Fair Representation Act, and Stronger Ethics in Government

Environmental Action   |   Contact: Vicky McLane  (

This Team has three sub-groups: water issues; renewable energy; and fracking. The sub-groups work independently and collaboratively on these and other key issues. The Team has a broad focus of study towards taking advocacy action (based on LWV, LWVCO and LWVLC position statements) on local and regional climate change, water, fracking, air quality, land use, transportation, agriculture, and biosphere matters. The team is developing information and resource guides for the public on local and regional alternative energy sources and energy saving incentives.

Health Care   |   Contact: Joyce DeVaney (

The Health Care Team is devoted to education and advocacy on important health care issues. The team also monitors state and national legislation, studies health reform proposals, and provides members and the community with educational and advocacy programs.  The team collaborates with other community organizations, Leagues in Colorado and the US on resources, speakers and programs of interest on the issues. Read the latest update HERE!

International Relations   |   Contact: Kay Easley (

The International Relations Team sponsors a monthly, public Great Decisions discussion on international issues and their impact on our world. When appropriate, the team presents educational programs to LWVLC members and the public on matters of international concern. The team also presents a regular Great Decisions class with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, a division of CSU’s Continuing Education Program.

Legislative Action   |   Contact: Linda Grey-Wilson (

The members of the Legislative Action Team monitor current legislation and organize LWVLC members to take action on matters on which the League has a position statement. Action includes letters, telephone calls, e-mails, and faxes to elected officials. The Team also may coordinate testimony on local, state, and national issues on which the League has stated positions. They communicate Action Alerts to League members via email and encourage their participation; encourage participation in the State League Legislative Day and visits to the state capitol, and organize a program where our League lobbyist gives a summation of League action and Legislative action after the State Legislature adjourns.