Organizational Support Teams:

The Organizational Support Teams work on the “back stage” components of our league to keep the organization strong and vibrant.  Information about each of these teams, their roles, and their current leadership follow here.

Administrative Team   |   Contact:  Sandy Brooks (

The Administrative Team performs as a board of directors. It is composed of nine members, elected for staggered two year terms. The team meets once a month to review and coordinate events, review financials, set and apply policy decisions, and handle details important to the overall functioning of the League. Members of the Administrative Team coordinate the overall calendar and are responsible for Back-to-League Night meeting in the fall, Program Planning meeting in January, and the local annual convention in May. The Administrative Team members oversee fundraising and management of League funds, public relations, member communications (internal and external) and communication with LWVCO and LWVUS. Each Administrative Team member also serves as a liaison to another team. The Administrative Team appoints ad hoc committees as needed for special studies and other purposes.

Financial Development   |   Contact: Nancy Tellez (

The Financial Development Team promotes the financial well- being of the League.  It orchestrates solicitation campaigns in the community and coordinates other fundraising projects, such as a summer soiree. Its fund raising efforts supplement members’ dues in underwriting LWVLC’s operations and its work in the community.  Questions about how to best donate to support the League’s work should be directed to this team.

Membership   |   Contact: Linda Mahan (

The Membership Team coordinates the recruitment, orientation and mentoring of new members and encourages every member to be active participants in the League.  It is responsible for the annual membership renewal effort, conducts the member survey, and maintains an electronic roster of current and potential new members. The team also is responsible for the LWVUS Membership and Leadership Development program (MLD), in collaboration with the Administrative Team.

Leadership Development   |   Contact: Ruth Long (

This team reflects the priority of the national League on membership and leadership development. This team puts on periodic meetings and training sessions for current team leaders and other interested members so that they can collaborate in developing their own personal skills and improve the functioning of the League and promoting its purposes.

Public Relations   |   Contact: Jane Everham (

The Public Relations Team provides both internal and external communications about activities of LWVLC. These include the monthly newsletter, League Lines, and Mid-Month Updates. The team writes press releases to local media, the LWVLC website and Facebook pages, and to social media outlets. It assists members in drafting effective personal letters to the editor and to legislators. It also created the Informed Voter Book Club (held at Old Firehouse Bookstore in Ft. Collins) to stimulate study and discussion of current interest to voters.